2018 appointments and reappointments to the Council of Europa Nostra

During the first three months of this year, the process of nominations of Council members by Member Organisations and Country Representations and Individual Members was taking place. The Advisory Election Committee of Europa Nostra received 18 nominations for 16 available positions from Member Organisations and Country Representations and 12 nominations for 12 positions from Individual Members.

Member Organisations selected the following candidates (in order of the total number of preference points obtained):

  1. Piet JASPAERT, Belgium (nominated by Europa Nostra Belgium), new appointment
  2. Pippa EVANS, UK (nominated by The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)), new appointment
  3. Helen MÜLLER, Germany (nominated by Europa Nostra Deutschland), new appointment
  4. Michael LEHMANN, Germany (nominated by Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU)), re-appointment
  5. Marianne Roal YTTERDAL, Norway (nominated by Kjell Holm Foundation), new appointment
  6. Laurence de la VAISSIÈRE de LAVERGNE, France (nominated by Association de La Demeure Historique), new appointment
  7. Nato TSINTSABADZE, Georgia (nominated by Georgian Arts and Culture Centre), new appointment
  8. Petr SVOBODA, Czech Republic (nominated by Czech Castle Owners’ Association), new appointment
  9. Hortensia von ROTEN, Switzerland (nominated by Domus Antiqua Helvetica), new appointment
  10. Fani MALLOUCHOU-TUFANO, Greece (nominated by Philodassiki Society of Athens), re-appointment
  11. Paloma SOBRINI, Spain (nominated by Hispania Nostra), new appointment
  12. Joop de JONG, The Netherlands (nominated by Stichting Limburgse Kastelen), new appointment
  13. Koenraad van BALEN, Belgium (nominated by Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (RLICC)), re-appointment
  14. Olivier de TRAZEGNIES, Belgium (nominated by Demeures Historiques et Jardins de Belgique), re-appointment
  15. Grete HORNTVEDT, Norway (nominated by Norsk Kulturarv), new appointment
  16. Diego VISCONTI, Italy (nominated by Touring Club Italiano), new appointment

Individual Members selected the following candidates (in order of the total number of preference points obtained):

  1. Costa CARRAS, Greece, re-appointment
  2. Sara CROFTS, UK, re-appointment
  3. Laurie NEALE, Canada / The Netherlands, re-appointment
  4. Gaianè CASNATI, Italy / Armenia, new appointment
  5. Isabelle de BROGLIE, France, re-appointment
  6. Etienne PONCELET, France, new appointment
  7. Claus-Peter ECHTER, Germany, re-appointment
  8. Natalia MOUSSIENKO, Ukraine, re-appointment
  9. Pavlos CHATZIGRIGORIOU, Greece, new appointment
  10. Sander WINCKEL, The Netherlands / Switzerland, new appointment
  11. Pierre LACONTE, Belgium, re-appointment
  12. Jimmy JAMAR, Belgium, new appointment

The final appointments and reappointments of the Council members will take place during the General Assembly in Berlin on 23 June 2018.

Thumbnail photo: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Fred Romero CC-BY

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