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sep 20

On 13 September 2010, the Directorate-General for Education and Culture presented the Study on Youth Access to Culture in Europe carried out by the Interarts Foundation following a call for tenders by the European Commission.
The Call for Tenders highlighted that the “access of young people to culture as actors or users is an essential condition for their full participation in society. Access to culture can reinforce awareness of sharing a common cultural heritage and promote active citizenship open to the world. Involvement in cultural activities can allow young people to express their creative energy and contribute to their personal development and their feeling of belonging to a community”.
The study illustrates that the ways young people access culture as users or creators, or simply participants of a cultural experience, are various and sometimes experimental.
The study aimed to answer the following questions:
▪ What are the areas where actions aimed at fostering access of young people to culture can and have been taken?
▪ What are the relevant practices carried out by national authorities and other actors (NGOs, local communities, associations) in different Member States?
▪ What are the main obstacles that hinder young people’s access to and participation in culture?
Most of the information gathered in the study has been received from the 27 national correspondents who elaborated extensive reports based on a questionnaire.
The study suggests some recommendations to the European institutions, the Member States (national, regional or local levels) and the civil society.
For more information, please see:

European Commission Youth website
For the full report in English including executive summary in English, French and German, please see:

Full Report (PDF)

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