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The Voice of Cultural Heritage in Europe
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Other Heritage in Danger cases or issues being investigated or monitored include: (present to 2007)


  • Halt the destruction of historic Baku, Azerbaijan (2008 - continues)
  • Save Grüneberg Villa from Stettin’s new tramline, Poland (2010)
  • Modern architecture being erased in Moscow, Russian Federation (2007 - continues)
  • Atakoy coastline near Istanbul, Turkey (2010)
  • Istanbul’s wooden houses collapsing under neglect, Turkey (2010)
  • Sports facilities planned in the Riverside Park in Leiscester, United Kingdom (2010)
  • Signed INTO Dublin Declaration on Climate Change and its effect on Cultural Heritage, International (2009)
  • Historic Places of Worship at Risk project, with UK’s Churches Conservation Trust, International (2009 - continues)
  • Historic city walls around Prague collapse under Blanka Tunnel, Czech Republic (2009)
  • Hotel Lambert restoration in Paris, France (2009)
  • Wind turbines and Mont St. Michel skyline, France (2009)
  • Historic printing presses need clients, Germany and Estonia (2009)
  • High tension wires to span Hardanger Fjords, Norway (2009)
  • Success! Iconic Asplund library saved in Stockholm, Sweden (2009)
  • Panoramas in Innsbruck (Austria) and The Hague (Netherlands) (2008)
  • Retain Schipdonk Canal as cultural landscape, Belgium (2008)
  • No hotel tower beside Tournai Cathedral, Belgium (2008)
  • Stop decay of Famagusta, Cyprus (2008)
  • Creating moonscapes for brown coal in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria (2008)
  • Protect coastlines from overdevelopment, Greece (2008)
  • Stop the Tram through Florence, Italy (2008)
  • World Heritage Site of Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (2008)
  • Save the ancient city of Numancia, Spain (2008)
  • Inappropriate developments in Copenhagen, Denmark (2007 - 2008)
  • Rethink Dresden bridge across the WHS Elbe river valley, Germany (2007)
  • No diversion fo Acheloos River in Thessaly, Greece (2007)
  • Save iconic Katowice Railway Station, Poland (2007)
  • Gazprom plan for tower 8x height of Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (2007)
  • Solidarity with Cultural Heritage in Kosovo (2006 - continues)
  • Windfarm stopped at Whinash (England), Blackcraig (Scotland) and Armistead (England), United Kingdom (2006-2008)
  • Reconciliation through Nicosia’s heritage restorations, Cyprus (2003 - continues)


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