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The Europa Nostra Scientific Bulletin is a compilation of articles on a specific subject presented by the members of the Scientific Council at their Annual Colloquium. It is an important instrument for the dissemination of the results of the work carried out by the Scientific Council. From its foundation until now, around two hundred and eighty people have contributed over seven hundred articles and papers to the Bulletin, disseminating the work carried out by the Scientific Council on castellological subjects. This is a remarkable achievement considering that this new field in the History of Art was set up only half a century ago.


List of recent Europa Nostra Scientific Bulletins:


  • 66-67 (2015) - Heritage conservation and enhancement in former conflict zones. | Underground defences and fortifications. 
  • 65 (2011): The reuse of ancient fortified settlements from Middle Ages to Early Modern Time
  • 64 (2010): Management of the monumental environment and its landmarks
  • 63 (2009): Towers and Smaller Castles
  • 62 (2008): The bastioned fortresses in the age of Vauban
  • 61 (2007): Reconstruction or New Construction of Medieval Castles in the 19th Century
  • 60 (2006): Fortified Churches and Monasteries
  • 59 (2005): The re-use of large European Military Complexes in the list of Redundancies
  • 58 (2004): Restoration and Evaluation of the Walled City of Istanbul
  • 56-57 (2003): The Evaluation of the Walled Towns: Kotor and Heraklion
  • 55 (2002): Military Architectures: Restoration, Re-utilisation or Revitalisation- Fortifications and archaeology
  • 54 (2001): Le relazioni tra l'architettura fortificata medievale della Sicilia e quella del Mediterraneo e dell'Europa
  • 53 (2000): The Town Walls in the Middle Ages
  • 52 (2000): Compendium of the Scientific Bulletins (Volumes 1 – 51) - Index to the articles listed by Author, Country and Subject
  • 51 (1999): Seacoast Defences: Denmark and Northern Europe - Seacoast Defences: West and South European Seas River-bank Defences
  • 50 (1997): The Defence of Rural Sites - Urban Fortified Houses
  • 49 (1993): The Transformation of the “Château fort” into “Château de plaisance”
  • 48 (1992): Western Defence Strategies in the Mediterranean from the Crusades to the Siege of Vienna
  • 47 (1991): Preservation and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage in the Countries of Central Europe - The Use of Castle Networks in Mediaeval Defence Strategies
  • 46 (1988-1989): Brick Castles – Conservation and protection of fortified buildings, castles and country houses, perspectives and future programmes.