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The “Transnational Giving Europe” network has been developed in partnership between large and accredited European foundations. The aim of the TGE network is to stimulate cross-border donations to non-profit organisations like Europa Nostra, by ensuring that tax deductions are possible for donors in their country of origin, according to the legal provisions in force. At present, this is the only possibility to obtain a tax deduction for a cross-border donation in Europe.

Today, TGE operates in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, but the network expects to develop its services across the whole of the European Union. If you reside in one of the above countries, and if you - or any of your friends and contacts - wish to make a donation to Europa Nostra, you can make use of the TGE system and thus benefit from the tax exemption and/or deduction advantages provided for in the legislation of your own country.

TGE is a practical and secure solution for tax-deductible cross-border donations, and ensures that your gifts are duly allocated to Europa Nostra. Please however note that the facility is only applicable for donations and not for membership fees, and that the intermediary, i.e. the relevant foundation in your country, will deduct a five percent fee for the donations up to € 50,000.

Please find below detailed information on the rather simple administrative procedure to be followed in order to arrange payments from your country (click on your country of residence to download the form).

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If you require any further information from our side, please contact our Membership Coordinator, Mrs Barbara Zander (by e-mail: bz[at]europanostra[dot]org or by phone: +31-70-3024054).