About us

Europa Nostra was founded on 29 November 1963 in Paris. For 60 years, we have celebrated, protected and lobbied for cultural heritage. Europa Nostra is today recognised as the most representative heritage network in Europe with members from over 40 countries.

Our “raison d’être” is to give shape and voice to an ever-growing citizens’ movement in favour of cultural and natural heritage across Europe.

We are forceful advocates of heritage – with its multiple benefits for our economy, society, culture and the environment – towards policy-makers at all levels of governance: local, regional, national and European. We also seek to actively contribute to a global mobilisation for heritage, especially through our close relations with UNESCO.

We campaign to save Europe’s most endangered heritage sites in support of action led on the ground by our member organisations.

We promote best practices in the heritage field across Europe – from research to conservation, from education, training and awareness-raising to the dedicated service of professionals and volunteers.