The network project European Cultural Heritage Agora: “Empowering Europe’s Civil Society Movement for Heritage” (2022-2024) is carried out by Europa Nostra and funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


The main objectives of the Agora project are:

• To support the cultural and heritage ecosystems to thrive, be more resilient, innovative, diverse and democratic through the emergence of new approaches;

• To promote a people-centred and participatory approach to cultural heritage governance; and

• To raise awareness of the multiple values of cultural heritage for our economy, society and the environment, both in the framework of Europe’s recovery as well as its long-term future.


Work Packages

The Agora network project is composed of 7 Work Packages, each being divided into sub-activities, and all of them being closely interrelated. These shall be implemented in an effective and consistent manner throughout the 3-year project timeframe to mutually support their achievements.

  1. Project Management and Coordination
    Project Implementation Team
    Monitoring & Advisory Committee
  2. Networking of Organisations and Individuals throughout Europe and beyond
    European Cultural Heritage Summits
    Sub-networks for heritage: #Women4Heritage | #Youth4Heritage | #World4Heritage
  3. Training and Providing Advice to Professionals
    European Heritage Masterclasses
    European Heritage Youth Residencies
  4. Representing the Sectors and Advocating on their behalf on Key Sectoral Issues
    European Heritage Alliance
    Thematic working groups
  5. Collecting and Disseminating Data, Information, Practices, Ideas and Solutions
    Heritage consultations
  6. Communication and Dissemination
    Online communication and social media
    Media campaigns
    Promotional campaigns
  7. Campaigning for Saving Heritage in Danger in and beyond Europe
    Awareness raising via the 7 Most Endangered Programme
    Other heritage at risk campaigns

These activities intend to benefit Europa Nostra’s wide network of members, partners, heritage stakeholders, policy-makers and citizens at large. 


The expected outcomes are the consolidation and mobilisation of a civil society movement for cultural heritage across Europe and beyond, the development of pertinent heritage-related policies and funding and the improvement of the perception and participation in their cultural heritage by citizens.

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