Europa Nostra acts as a relay between civil society and EU institutions, carrying out the crucial tasks of raising-awareness on the value of cultural heritage for Europe, advocating mainstream heritage into EU policies and securing adequate funding, as well as actively contributing to the EU policy debate and policy-making process.

We have strongly campaigned for and contributed to the historic European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) which took place in 2018. This European Year marked a real turning point for the public recognition of cultural heritage as a unique resource for Europe and offered us a unique opportunity to give a further impetus to EU policy, action and funding for the benefit of cultural heritage. Currently, Europa Nostra is a member of the Expert Group on Cultural Heritage launched by the European Commission with a view to maintaining the spirit of cooperation and policy dialogue achieved during the European Year.

Europa Nostra acts as coordinator of the European Heritage Alliance 3.3, an informal platform of 49 European and international networks active in the wider field of heritage.

Together with five other European partners, Europa Nostra co-produced the now landmark Study Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe (CHCFE) which provides compelling evidence of the value of heritage and its positive impact on Europe’s economy, culture, society and the environment. Throughout the past years, this Study has served as an exceptional evidence-based advocacy tool to support and advance policy developments in Europe.

Europa Nostra systematically advocates for the recognition of cultural heritage as a key driver of sustainable development and for the allocation of sufficient financial resources at EU level to fully unleash its potential. Illustrations of these efforts are the statements “Cultural Heritage as a key resource for EU’s future Cohesion Policy”, the Berlin Call to Action “Cultural Heritage for Future of Europe”, and the “Statement on the strategic direction of heritage-related research within the future Horizon Europe Programme”. In October, Europa Nostra with key heritage stakeholders released the Paris Manifesto: Relançons l’Europe par la culture et le patrimoine culturel !’, which calls upon European leaders to place cultural heritage where it belongs: at the heart of the revival of the European project. Most recently, on 9 May 2020, on the occasion of Europe Day which this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration and the launch of the process of European integration, members of the European Heritage Alliance have launched the European Heritage Alliance Manifesto ‘Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe’.

We work closely together with Institutional Partners, namely the EU institutions and the Council of Europe, advocating for an integrated approach to cultural heritage. We also facilitate cooperation and coordination of cultural heritage expertise on a global scale to protect endangered heritage, in particular through regular dialogue and cooperation with international organisations, both intergovernmental like UNESCO and non-governmental such as ICOMOS, ICOM, the World Monument Fund and the Global Heritage Fund.

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