The Work Package 3 of our network project European Cultural Heritage Agora (2022-2024), entitled Training and Providing Advice to Professionals, intends to build the capacity of heritage actors across Europe and beyond to adapt to new societal phenomena, especially the green and digital transformations. These activities target both members and non-members of the network.


European Heritage Masterclasses


Building on the solid experience from our previous “Capacity Building Days”, these hybrid yearly Masterclasses shall be organised in conjunction with other activities of this project and in cooperation with relevant public and/or private partners.

Aligned with the project’s cross-cutting priorities, these small-scale workshops shall provide heritage stakeholders with new meaningful skills to adapt to current challenges and create opportunities. Attention will be paid to the selection of participants so as to ensure gender, intergenerational and geographical balance and representativeness within the groups.

Masterclass: Diversity and Inclusion in the Heritage Sector

2023 Masterclass: News │ Photos │ Manual (PDF)
2022 Masterclass: NewsPhotosManual (PDF)


European Heritage Youth Residencies


This activity is a novelty and shall be launched as a pilot project with the aim of capitalising on and deepening our dialogue with our well-established membership. It shall therefore involve our country representations, members and partners and engage our growing network of young members through a residency programme.

Young heritage students or professionals will be hosted for a limited period to work on specific projects in order to foster knowledge transfer and intergenerational dialogues.

2024 Residency: Call for Applications
2023 ResidencyNews │ Video │Photos



The expected outcome of this Work Package is the emergence of new, more resilient, sustainable and inclusive business / organisational models for heritage, which can inspire others beyond sectors and borders and feed into the policy making process.


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