EFGAMP becomes member of Europa Nostra

Europa Nostra welcomes its first member fully dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of born-digital heritage: EFGAMP

In the meetings of its governing bodies, which were held during the European Cultural Heritage Summit in Paris, Europa Nostra approved the European Federation of Game Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects (EFGAMP) membership request. Since EFGAMP is the first member organisation of Europa Nostra entirely dedicated to the collection, preservation and dissemination of born-digital heritage, this step is remarkable.

Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of Europa Nostra, said: “Although Europa Nostra was established in 1963 to ensure the safeguarding of monuments and sites, our activities have evolved and shall continue doing it so, keeping pace with the evolution of heritage practice and debate and to reflect our ever more inclusive understanding of cultural heritage. We are aware that the digital sphere has many cultural implications too and we shall reinforce the expertise of our network in this field. As the European Voice of Civil Society committed to protect and celebrate cultural heritage, we are very glad to open our scope even more to opportunities and challenges of the digital age.

Andreas Lange, COO of EFGAMP, complemented: “After decades of digital cultural production and living it’s now the right time to bring traditional and digital culture together. Because they are not alternative but supplement each other. Europa Nostra seems for us a natural choice, not only because of its spread and impact but also for its advocacy of smaller museums and the perspective of the citizens.

More about EFGAMP

EFGAMP (European Federation of Video Game Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects) represents heritage institutions and other organisations, which collect and preserve digital gaming culture, on a European and global level. Founded in 2012 with no-profit purposes its objectives are:

  • Advancing the availability of digital interactive heritage
  • Gathering and circulate knowledge about digital preservation
  • Strengthen the European information society
  • Networking with other digital preservation communities worldwide
  • Lobbying to advance the conditions of digital preservation and the accessibility of digital interactive entertainment heritage

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