Ererouyk-Anipemza project launched

A group of experts from Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute is arriving in Armenia from July 19th to 23rd. They will officially launch the “Ererouyk-Anipemza” project, that will be implemented with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

Archaeological Site of Ererouyk and village of Ani Pemza, Armenia. Photo: Patrick Donabédian

Archaeological Site of Ererouyk and village of Ani Pemza, Armenia. Photo: Patrick Donabédian

The delegation includes Guy Clausse, European Investment Bank Institute former director and Council Member of Europa Nostra, Paolo Vitti, member of Europa Nostra Scientific Council, Maria Berza, member of the 7ME Advisory Panel, Visnja Kisic, Secretary General of Europa Nostra Serbia, Patrick Donabedian, professor at the University of Aix-en-Provence (who has conducted a research at the Ererouyk archeological site during the last 6 years), the geologist Tudor Berza, Mariacristina Giambruno professor at the Politecnico di Milano and Gaiane Casnati (CSDCA Cultural Heritage) that directed the “Preserving Cultural Heritage in Armenia” project that won an Europa Nostra award in 2015.

The members of the delegation will meet Mrs. Hasmik Poghosyan, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and will participate in several working meetings with the directors and representatives of the main local and international Cultural Heritage organizations in Armenia.

On July 22th at 10.30 they will participate to the opening of the photo exhibition ”Ererouyk and Anipemza, memories of the past, daily life and dreams for the future”, and, at 11.00, will take part in the forum “Cultural Heritage Counts for Armenia: projects, inputs and ideas for the enhancement of Armenian Cultural Heritage” that will be hold at the National Library of Armenia, will be introduced by the Minister of Culture Mrs. Hasmik Poghosyan. The events will be preceded by a press conference at 10.00, always at the National Library of Armenia in Teryan street.
The archaeological site of Ererouyk and the village of Anipemza were selected as one of the “7 Most Endangered” sites of Europe in 2016, the announcement has been made during a ceremony organized by Europa Nostra in Venice on March 16th, 2016. The candidature has been presented by the Centro Studi e Documentazione della Cultura Armena (CSDCA Cultural Heritage), member of Europa Nostra.

The 7 Most Endangered programme identifies endangered monuments and sites in Europe and mobilizes public and private partners on a local, national and European level to find a viable future for those sites. An international advisory panel, comprising specialists in history, archaeology, architecture, conservation and finance, meet to discuss over the applications and shortlist the most endangered monuments and sites. The final list of 7 sites is selected by the Board of Europa Nostra and, besides Ererouyk Anipemza includes: Patarei Sea Fortress in Tallinn, Estonia; Helsinki-Malmi Airport, Finland; Colbert Swing Bridge in Dieppe, France; Castle in Divitz, Germany; Kampos of Chios, Greece; Convent of St. Anthony of Padua, Extremadura, Spain; Ancient city of Hasankeyf and its surroundings, Turkey. For 2016 the Venice Lagoon in Italy has been declared as the most endangered site in Europe.

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