Europa Nostra’s call for contributions of examples of best practice and innovative methods


Deadline: 15 April 2017

Europa Nostra is looking for contributions from all over Europe on inspiring management and funding models; innovative communication practices; and education and public engagement activities in heritage. Your contribution will be compiled in a toolkit for civil society organisations working in the field of heritage throughout Europe.

This is your chance to share the most interesting and innovative aspects of your work which relate to cultural heritage. It’s a great opportunity to inspire and be inspired!

Following the organisation’s Capacity Building Days in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Europa Nostra, in the framework of its Network project “Mainstreaming Heritage” (supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union) will prepare toolkits for heritage civil society organisations (CSOs) around Europe. These toolkits will include useful information and relevant case studies regarding the communication of heritage to diverse groups and the sourcing of support and resources for heritage related causes.

The toolkits are structured around three key themes:
1. Funding models for heritage CSOs – focusing on the best methods for attracting funding and other resources;

2. Advocacy, awareness-raising and campaigning for heritage – focusing on the best methods for CSOs to communicate heritage related issues, using diverse lines of communication to better target their message to politicians, the media, the general public and specific social groups;
3. Education and public engagement in heritage – focusing on best practice in engaging diverse groups of citizens more directly in appreciating, interpreting and protecting heritage.

These toolkits will map, analyse and communicate the most exciting work of civil society organisations and professionals from across Europe in an effort to keep the heritage buzz alive and to inspire others to get involved with heritage.

Let’s look beyond the actions of the biggest players in heritage. Let’s investigate the fresh methods and approaches used by civil society organisations who work in different parts of Europe and how they use these methods to foster interest in heritage in and beyond their own realms.
To contribute to the toolkits please choose your favourite theme(s), fill in the relevant form (in English) and send it to our Brussels office:

Louise van Rijckevorsel
European Affairs Brussels Officer
+32 (0) 2 400 77 02

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