3rd RILEM Spring Convention 2020, Guimarães

The third RILEM Spring Convention and Conference, RSCC2020, organized by the University of Minho, is mainly aiming at:

– Discussing sustainability of global societies and contributing in defining new trajectories for their enduring development;
– Identifying and disseminating innovative technologies for more efficient and less resource-intensive construction and maintenance;
– Establishing a closer dialogue around disruptive strategies and exchanging knowledge between the diverse disciplines, pursuing sound innovations based on multidisciplinary knowledge;
– Discussing and pursuing alternative ways to relate the activity of RILEM TCs, between each other, between these and other experts’ associations, the industry and the society;
– Promoting a novel and fresh organizational structure for attracting proactive and enthusiastic young researchers and practitioners for the technical and scientific initiatives of RILEM.

It would be the ideal opportunity to network and meet with partner organizations, as well as to take advantage of a high quality technical programme and appreciate the cultural and emotional atmosphere provided by the social events.

Article abstracts for the conference will be accepted until 15 October 2019.

Please find more information at the conference website.