Athens Democracy Forum 2024

The Athens Democracy Forum of 2024 will be held from 1 to 3 October 2024, in Athens, Greece. This annual event is organised by the Democracy and Culture Foundation.

This year, the Forum will focus on the theme “A Moment of Truth,” and will try to advance concrete solutions and programs to tackle the alarming urgency of the question “What is truth?” After an opening panel on “State of Democracy,” the event will build upon 3 pillars:

  • Rethinking Key Issues: Rethinking Journalism, Climate Tech, Faith, and Citizens
  • Regional Case Studies: the Middle East Powder Keg, America’s Moment of Truth, and India and the Rise of Modi
  • Tools of Democracy: a series of talks about promising projects and experiments on practical and innovative new tools

This Athens Democracy Forum brings together a wide range of international leaders from government, business, civic society and the nonprofit sector at the forefront of democracy, politics and economics,as well as youth voices to explore the most pressing issues facing democracy.

Registration to attend the Forum in Athens is compulsory, and available on the event website.
Prices are: €2000 for an in-person ticket and donation to the Democracy and Culture Foundation, €1200 for an in-person ticket, and €600 for a reduced price ticket for NGOs, Youth & Academics. Early Birds tickets are available until 31 July 2024 at €980.

The Democracy and Culture Foundation

Founded in 2019, the Democracy and Culture Foundation aims to empower society through citizen engagement and better governance by galvanising citizens and leaders as well as bridging the gap between citizens and experts. The foundation is becoming a leading global platform for the evolution of democracy, civil society, and the media, and for the role of culture as an expression of freedom and individuality in a society where democracy flourishes. Since its creation, the foundation has been organising the Athens Democracy Forum and Art for Tomorrow every year, conceived a few years earlier by The New York Times.

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