#Bigartride and Europeana 280

On 21 April, Europeana launched two exciting initiatives which promote Europe’s shared art heritage: the #BigArtRide and Europeana 280.

The #BigArtRide is a virtual reality event touring ten cities across Europe which celebrates our common art heritage and the Dutch Presidency of the EU. It will bring together two participants in different cities (one in Amsterdam, one elsewhere), invite them to get on their (stationary) bikes, put on virtual reality ‘Oculus Rift’ headsets, and navigate through a virtual city experiencing centuries of Europe’s art along the way.

Brought to the public by Europeana, the Dutch design studio Dropstuff, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Embassies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands across Europe, the #BigArtRide is part of the Europeana 280 campaign.

Europeana 280 is a cross-border campaign to get people excited about Europe’s shared art heritage. All 28 EU Member States nominated 10 pieces of art held in their country that have contributed to a major European art movement.


21 April, 11:45 AM

INAUGURATION: Brussels, Marnixlaan 24, 1000 & Den Haag, Het Plein


22 April, 10:00 AM – 23 April, 5:30 PM
Brussels, Marnixlaan 24, 1000 & Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 143


27 April, 10:00 AM – 30 April, 7:00 PM
Wroclaw, Rynek & Amsterdam, Vondelpark


06 – 08 May
Rome & Amsterdam


20 – 22 May
Prague & Amsterdam


25 – 28 May
Brussels & Amsterdam


30 May – 1 June
Berlin & Amsterdam


9 – 11 June
London & Amsterdam


23 – 25 June
Paris & Amsterdam
Eleanor Kenny, Head of Marketing and Communications at Europeana, presented these remarkable initiatives during the Capacity Building Days organised by Europa Nostra for its Member Organisations on 13-15 April 2016 in Brussels.

Europeana is Europe’s digital platform for cultural heritage, collecting and providing online access to tens of millions of digitized items from libraries, archives, audio visual collections and museums across Europe. Its network brings together cultural heritage, technology and creative industry professionals from across Europe.