Brainstorming session on “Skills, Training and Knowledge Transfer: traditional and emerging heritage”

“The Brainstorming Session on SKILLS, TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: TRADITIONAL AND EMERGING HERITAGE represents the opportunity for a group of around 35 European civil society stakeholders in the cultural sector to exchange ideas on this topic and to present these to the European Commission. The group will brainstorm on 15-16 June 2017, and then have the opportunity, in September 2017, to discuss the main ideas (to be summarised in a Brainstorming Report) with the European Commission at a Dialogue Meeting in Brussels.”

Europa Nostra successfully applied to be part of the group of civil society stakeholders for this topic and will be represented by Europa Nostra Council member Graham Bell (UK, North of England Civic Trust).

More information on VOICES OF CULTURE, Structured Dialogue between the European Commmission and the cultural sector is available here