Chair “Construction of the future: Automation and modularization”

Applications are opened for the Chair DST/IB-S sponsored by the DST company and the Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability from University of Minho, Portugal.

This is a unique opportunity for creative professionals or researchers that accept the innovation challenge in the subject “Construction of the future: Automation and modularization”.The Chair holder should lead applied research in strict collaboration with the company, promote research projects and secure financing to support the planned research work.
The topics for the Chair are as follows:
 Building Information Modelling and Design-Production Integration
 Robotics, Automation and Industrialization of Construction Processes
 Innovative Materials and Systems for Industrialized Construction
 Reusable and Modular Systems for Construction Rehabilitation in a Circular Economy

Applications are extended until February 20, 2017. Detailed information is given in

IB-S Board of Directors