‘Cultural Heritage in Today’s Southern Mediterranean Region’ Round Table

The Mediterranean has widely been regarded as the cradle of civilisation housing a rich cultural heritage of art and artefacts dating back to the earliest known human settlements. Unfortunately, the treasures of this region are today under serious threat of damage, theft and destruction. Bringing attention to this phenomenon, we are pleased to inform you that FONDEMA will be holding a Round Table discussion to explore the state of “Cultural Heritage in Today’s Southern Mediterranean Region”.

The event will seek to increase the levels of awareness, concern and understanding of the crisis by inviting experts from differing fields to share their research and analysis of the situation before providing the platform for a discussion with the audience.

As the countries in focus are the home of many of the asylum seekers that are hoping to find refuge in The Hague today, the topic is close to home. Therefore, you are warmly welcome you to join the discussion.

The roundtable will be held at The Hague University of Applied Sciences,Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, on May 18th, 2016, starting at 15:00pm and ending at 18:00.

For more information, visit the FONDEMA website or their facebook event page.