Cultural Heritage in Today’s Southern Mediterranean Regions

The Middle East and the North Africa regions are recognised as the cradle of civilization. In this zone, rich in tangible and intangible cultural heritage, there are a large number of places declared UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, those treasures are now under serious threat of damage, theft and destruction.

The roundtable, organized in Speakers Corner, The Hague by Foundation FONDEMA, seeks to raise awareness about the present destruction of cultural tangible and intangible heritage and the consequences of the devastation associated with climate change, natural disasters and human activities, including conflicts in the southern Mediterranean region.

The expert’s discussion will focus on the context of the crisis in the region and its direct and indirect effects on cultural heritage. From their expertise, the speakers will offer an insight into various topics including the international legal framework, the current initiatives to safeguard the cultural heritage, and the role of citizens and NGOs.