Culture Crops: cultural practices in non-urban territories, Konstanz

Culture Crops: cultural practices in non-urban territories sparks the debate on peripheral territories. Can “places-in-between” – border areas, suburbia – become an experimental ground to rethink mobility and rights at all levels?  Are transitional spaces a better environment for cross-disciplinary practices and diverse community interaction that can go beyond the norm and therefore provide the most fertile ground for emerging cultural and social projects?

Culture Crops is a conference on the road. Various thematic itineraries are proposed to the participants in order to experience the diversity of models of practice present in the region. The visits include facilitated debate and exchange between similar practices from other parts of Europe and offers an opportunity for learning and peer-to-peer exchange. The conference aims to jointly develop CAE advocacy approach to the culture and the arts in rural and peripheral areas to be further applied in our policy actions.

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