EAA 2014: Public Perceptions of the Past, Heritage, and Archaeology

European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) – 20th Annual Meeting
ITU – Istanbul, 10-14 September 2014

Session T02S0005:
Public Perceptions of the Past, Heritage and Archaeology: Methodological Approaches and Applicability in Archaeological Management

Interest in public perceptions of the past, heritage, and archaeology is constantly increasing among archaeologists. Research has focused so far in a variety of different segments of the public, including but not restricted to local communities, sites’ and museums’ visitors, online communities, minority groups etc. A respective range of methodologies has been employed accordingly: from quantitative questionnaire surveys and the use of online statistics to interviews with focus groups, ethnography and others.

But how can our improved understanding of people’s perceptions about the past, heritage and archaeology render the way we manage archaeology more effective and sustainable?Has such research been applied to archaeological heritage management? If yes, how and what were the outcomes of its application? If no, why? What are the implications of different methodologies? What are the benefits and the shortcomings when it comes to application?

In this session, experience from research into public perceptions and their application or potential application in archaeological management will be presented and discussed with the aim to further participants’ understanding of the implications of public perceptions’ research and its applicability.

Appropriate venues for the publication of the papers presented will be suggested and discussed at the end of the session.

Session organizer(s):
Anastasia Sakellariadi (Honorary Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, UCL, a.sakellariadi@live.ucl.ac.uk)*

KaterinaChatzikonstantinou (Research Associate, University of the Aegean, a.chatzikonstantinou@gmail.com)

*Contact person

Keywords: Public perceptions, methodologies, archaeological management
Session Theme: Managing archaeological heritage: past and present
Session Type: Regular

Submission of papers: Please, submit an abstract of maximum 200 words in English by filling out the online form on the website of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) – 20th Annual Meeting (https://www.eaa2014istanbul.org/submission_form).

Deadline: January 27, 2014
Participants will be notified about their paper proposal byFebruary 17, 2014.

The conference fee will cover attendance to all sessions, the Opening Ceremony & Welcome Reception and the Annual Party, as well as meeting materials and coffee breaks.

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