ESACH TALKS! People and Heritage

The first of the ‘ESACH Talks’ series by ESACH (European Student’s Association for Cultural Heritage), will be inspired by the work of Europa Nostra as the leading citizens’ movement to protect and celebrate Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. The event will explore young perspectives on the topics related to civic involvement and democratic participation in heritage matters, such as citizens’ roles in the preservation of heritage, youth participation, participatory management strategies and people-centered approaches to heritage. The keynote speech of the event will be delivered by Manon Richard, Projects Officer at Europa Nostra, on youth involvement in heritage matters. The below mentioned students in the field of cultural heritage will participate in the Talk with their presentations, following a procedure of abstract submission and selection.

Kavya Iyer Ramalingam
‘ICH communities and the development of heritage-sensitive commercialization strategies’
Münire Nurgül Büyükgüllü
‘The Role of Rural Communities and Heritage Preservation in Cumalıkızık’
João Victor Porto Jarske
‘How international arbitration may enhance the protection of Indigenous people´s cultural heritage’
Goran Đurđević, Khuong Tran Huang, Chen Haotian, Gemma Ryles
‘Reflection for future: an introduction to Mirror Studies project’

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ESACH Talks are an interactive, fast-paced event that provides a platform for sharing knowledge amongst students and young professionals working within cultural heritage studies. Each Talk has a length of 45 minutes and includes presentations by ESACH students and young professionals, as well as some time for discussions and comments. To make things more interesting, each presentation lasts five minutes, and must be accompanied by a slide presentation. Attendance is open to everybody, not just ESACH Members.