European Heritage Youth Residency 2024 in Romania

The second edition of the European Heritage Youth Residencies takes place from 27 June to 3 July 2024 in Romania. It is organised by Europa Nostra, the largest European network of heritage organisations, Tășuleasa Social and Asociația Monumentum, both winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards, with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

A group of 15 young heritage stakeholders were selected to come together to discuss heritage and sustainable tourism. Participants will partake in hiking and other hands-on heritage activities, and will collaborate on lasting resources for other heritage professionals and students.

The European Heritage Youth Residency 2024 is an opportunity for students, professionals and heritage stakeholders to see first-hand how heritage policies and projects around sustainable tourism have been successfully implemented. This includes the Via Transilvanica, a 1,400 km hiking trail offering a journey through Romanian heritage, and the Ambulance for Monuments, an innovative programme to carry out emergency repairs on heritage buildings in Romania.

The programme is designed for 18-35 year old students, professionals and stakeholders, with an affinity for heritage and sustainable tourism.

The programme seeks to initiate new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation, fostering projects of co-creation and collaborative plans. The peer-learning methodology of the programme is designed to stimulate interaction, collaborative learning and solution-building in a cooperative and friendly expert environment. Participants will be expected to present their own experiences of working within sustainable tourism. This includes sharing successful local policies and projects, as well as their top tips, pitfalls and learnings. The selected participants will also therefore get useful information and ideas for improving or initiating their own local projects or ideas on how they might transfer some of the presented practices to their own localities.

The programme includes meetings with local stakeholders, site visits, hikes, restoration and solution-building workshops.

The first edition European Heritage Youth Residency took place in Italy from 13-18 March 2023. A group of 16 young heritage professionals from different parts of Europe spent a week in Naples for a full cultural heritage immersion in a bottom-up social urban regeneration project in the district of Sanità. Find out more and watch the video.

The European Heritage Youth Residencies programme is organised in the framework of Europa Nostra’s Network Project European Cultural Heritage Agora “Empowering Europe’s Civil Society Movement for Heritage”, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.