European Showcase “A Place at the Royal Table”, Brussels

For the occasion of European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, initiated by the European Parliament and the European Commission, the Network of European Royal Residences has developed a joint cultural project exploring the themes of culinary art, food and gastronomy in 15 European countries: “A Place at The Royal Table”. The project will be presented in an event that will take place at the House of European History (Brussels, Belgium).

The aims of the event are:

  • Allow members of the Network of European Royal Residences to discuss and exchange about their common experiences in the implementation of different activities developed for the European Year of Cultural Heritage for the 43 million visitors who come each year.
  • Tell the European history and the building of the European identity through the history of its cuisine, tastes and traditions that are the result of European exchanges.

Please note that you can attend the event upon registration.

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