February ESACH Talks: Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Heritage

In the fifth ESACH Talk organised in February, the theme of young and innovative perspectives on sustainable tourism and its relationship to cultural heritage will be explored. Topics can include:

  • Ways in which tourism can contribute to heritage conservation
  • Tourism as a driver for sustainable heritage-led development
  • Tourism management at cultural heritage sites
  • Tourism as a driver of local economic development
  • Relationship between cultural tourism on local communities
  • Policy recommendations for a future of sustainable tourism
  • Partnerships between the heritage, tourism, and business sectors for the successful implementation of sustainable tourism practices
  • And much more!

For this ESACH Talk, ESACH is partnering with OurWorldHeritage, a citizen movement NGO that was launched in November 2020 with the mission to “support heritage protection, stop politicization, and engage civil society”. During the month of February, both organizations will be exploring the topic of tourism and its impact on cultural heritage.

Keynote speaker: Evinc Dogan, OurWorldHeritage Tourism team member

The list of presenters will be made public once the Call for Abstracts ends. If you want to present your work in this session, please submit an abstract here before the 13th February 2021.

Register here.
Apply to the call for abstracts until 13 February 2021 here.

About ESACH Talks!
ESACH Talks are interactive, fast-paced events that provide a platform for sharing knowledge amongst students and young professionals working within cultural heritage studies. To make things more interesting, each presentation lasts five minutes and must be accompanied by a slide presentation.

Each Talk has a length of 45 minutes and includes presentations by ESACH students and young professionals, as well as some time for discussions and comments. Attendance is open to everybody, not just ESACH Members!

The sessions are followed with breakout room discussions! Participation is optional, but it is easy to join – just stay on the Zoom event at the conclusion of the Talks. The discussions will last for up to 30 minutes and will include an opportunity for participants to network and share ideas, experiences, and questions related to the presentations and topic of the month in smaller groups.