Call for Proposals! The Future is Heritage – European Cultural Heritage Summit Berlin

The European Union has designated 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Heritage is a crucial
factor in shaping an inclusive, healthy and participatory society at the local and provincial level. Along
these lines the Dutch Centre For Intangible Heritage and the Dutch Provinces of Noord-Brabant,
Gelderland and Overijssel, and the regional heritage organisations shaped the Summit ‘The Future is
Heritage’ 2018.

Cultural heritage connects people across generations. We therefore value public ownership and strongly
believe in the power of cultural heritage. We believe that it is especially important to connect young
people from all over Europe to cultural heritage, in order to exchange knowledge and views and to
facilitate a meeting of minds and hearts between European young people and European cultural
heritage professionals. For this reason we are staging the Summit ‘The Future is Heritage’ as an
additional event to the European Cultural Heritage Summit, 18th – 24th of June 2018 in Berlin,
cooperating closely with Europa Nostra and partners and regions in Europe.

Call for Proposals
We are looking for proposals from students, young professionals or volunteers between 18 and 30 years
of age, currently working with heritage who have a project they want to share with others. Our
prevailing thoughts go towards: presentations, visits, facilitated discussions, hacking heritage and

The overall scheme will merge in a highly interactive programme, showcasing current cultural heritage
projects in Europe and new initiatives presenting approaches to cultural heritage. We encourage you to
be creative! In exchange for your ideas and effort, all organisational aspects of this Summit, such as
locations and food & drinks during the programme will be taken care of. You will need to provide in your
own transportation to and accommodation in Berlin. If your organisation meets (financial) difficulties in
arranging this, please contact us so that we can collaborate in solving the matter.

Themes and research questions
The committee invites proposals that highlight at least one of the following themes:

  • Heritage: dynamic or static heritage, for instance musealized or living heritage?
  • Heritage: new destinations for built heritage
  • Heritage: culturally diverse and sometimes controversial heritage
  • Heritage: means to an end or an end in itself?

Questions to be addressed within the themes:

  • What is heritage and who decides?
  • What is the social relevance of heritage, European or otherwise?
  • Which questions and struggles do young people have regarding to heritage?
  • What is the view of young people in Europe on heritage themes? And what are the
    consequences for heritage policy?

Submitting your proposal
To participate in the Summit, please answer the following questions and send them to Anne-Wil Maris
and Francisca Priem ( before 20th of April 2018:

  • Your name(s) and contact information
  • Name(s) and contact information of your organisation(s)
  • Name of your session
  • A short outline (ca. 350 words) of your session in which you state which themes and questions
    you want to address, which methods you are going to use and the goals you have with the
  • A list of the things you’ll need to run your session, such as a beamer, tables, chairs, etc.
  • A short motivation as to why you want to participate in the Summit

Are you looking forward to joining us in the Summit ‘The Future is Heritage’? So are we! We are looking
forward to your proposals and participation. For questions, please get in touch with us by sending an
email to Anne-Wil Maris and Francisca Priem at Feel free to share this Call for
Proposals with others you know who might be interested!