Grants Available for Master Students, Postdocs, Staff and Undergraduates in Portugal & Italy

ELARCH – Euro-Latin America partnership in natural Risk mitigation and protection of the Cultural Heritage project is a mobility and scholarship project funded by the European Commission.

The project is organized by a Partnership of prestigious universities in Europe and in Latin America and aims at fostering scientific cooperation in the field of “risk mitigation and protection of heritages” between European and Latin American Higher Education Institutions. Grants are available (deadline for application is March 20) for Master Students, Postdocs, Staff and Undergraduates. Information and application

ELARCH offers a double full Master degree course consisting of two special editions of existing masters (“Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions” at University of Minho, Portugal, and “Heritage and Intervention design” at University of Basilicata, Italy). The double title includes a project-led education (from September 2016 to June 2017) in Guimarães, University of Minho, and on-site education (on-site school from June 2017 to April 2018) in Matera, University of Basilicata. Both locations are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, providing excellent teaching and research infrastructures. This call is a unique opportunity to participate in unique international programmes in conservation of cultural heritage buildings.