HMO Training Heritage Leaders “Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage”

The Heritage Management Organization
Training Heritage Leaders
Autumn 2019
Executive Leadership Development in Heritage Management Workshops
Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage
A jointly certified course by Interpret Europe and the Heritage Management Organization
16-20 November 2019 (with available option of a 3-day course on 16-18 November)
Location: The Heritage Management Organization Headquarters Kimonos 11 & Pagkalou streets, 19200, Elefsina, Greece

The key to effective word-based Heritage Interpretation is written text that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.

During a 5-day course participants will discover and practice a wide range of techniques to engage readers and master the techniques of interpretive writing. Participants who will choose to attend the full 5-day course will have the opportunity to strive to become a Certified Interpretive Writer awarded by Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation, after successfully completing, and being assessed on, the following exercises:
1) develop a strong theme for a piece of interpretive writing
2) turn a poorly written and laid out graphic panel into a good example of interpretive writing and panel presentation
3) prepare a piece of interpretive writing incorporating the techniques taught in the course
4) edit and rewrite some difficult text utilizing the principles of interpretive writing and the importance of plain language

In addition to the tasks above, participants will take part in a range of other exciting activities. This includes a visit to the Elefsina archaeological site looking at how it is interpreted – creating a new graphic panel. Participants will also write a creative interpretive text about their chosen heritage feature in Elefsina.

3-day option

This year we are offering a 3-day option from 16-18 November. Participants selecting this option should be aware that: 1) 16 additional hours of coursework must be done at home, including completing the certification tasks; 2) they will receive a certificate from The Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE). Please indicate your preference on the form.

Your Trainer

The course’s instructor, Steven Richards-Price, is an Interpret Europe Training Team member, former IE Supervisory Committee member, former Chair of the Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI-UK), Vice-Chair of Interpret Wales, and a heritage interpreter with many years of practical experience working for natural resources agencies in Wales, UK. He has been running this course for the past two years, with excellent feedback from the participants.

  • For participation costs/fees, contact us at
  • Various scholarships as well as Heritage Management Organization scholarships for participation will be available for qualified candidates (excluding airfare/travel expenses and our Organization’s 2019 membership fee).

To apply for this course:

  • fill in and submit the Executive Leadership Program in Heritage Management application form;
  • 2) after receiving confirmation of receipt of your application, complete the application process by submitting your curriculum vitae, personal statement and reference letter (which may come in separately by your referee at their earliest convenience). Please submit all your application documents by email to Applications should not exceed 750 words in total and your curriculum vitae should be no more than 1000 words.
  • A reasonable proficiency in spoken and written English is required to attend the course. In order to assess it, applicants will be asked to participate in a personal (spoken) interview.

After approval of their application file, participants will receive an official letter outlining in detail the conditions of participation. Heritage Management Organization Membership is required for participation in all of our Organization’s Executive Leadership in Heritage Management Workshops. Recipients of scholarships for participation in this workshop are required to pay the Heritage Management Organization’s 2019 membership fee (100 Euros).

Spaces for this workshop are limited, so please apply early
The deadline for applications is Monday 14 October 2019
For further details about the course, you may contact Steven Richards-Price at
For questions regarding the administrative aspects of the course, you may contact Dr. Eleni Drakaki at