HMO Training Heritage Leaders: “Brand new Thinking: Branding Heritage Assets”

HMO Training Heritage Leaders
Autumn 2017
Executive Leadership Development in Heritage Management Workshop Series


13-15 October, 2017
Location: Athens

What role does brand play in the management of heritage?
The concept of ‘heritage’ is a slippery thing, knotted together with questions of power, identity and control. The idea of ‘brand’ similarly provokes vociferous debate, either responsible for a reductionist Disneyfication of culture or an essential and powerful tool in the 21st century. What happens when these worlds collide?

A 3 day journey to explore the relationship between brand and heritage
If you’re curious, skeptical or converted, come and join us on a 3 day journey that explores these critical questions. Through theoretical presentations, field research and practical exercises, we will work together to interrogate the relationship between brand and heritage. The experience will give you the tools to deconstruct and analyze a brand, build brand direction and strategy and understand how to effectively use brand in heritage management.

The program will be delivered by HMO’s ambassador, the UK company THE SEEKING STATE, a creative consultancy seeking to help clients redefine how we engage with culture.

The workshop’s instructor, Frances Croxford of The Seeking State, has a wide experience with branding of leading cultural organizations such as Tate modern, the British Museum, the Royal Academy of Arts, the V&A museum, the State museum of Copenhagen and others.

  • Suggested donation for participation: 1500 Euros (tuition, refreshments and light lunch)
  • All applications will be considered for a scholarship.
  • Headley Trust scholarships (partial or full coverage towards tuition, board and accommodation) will be available for participants from Balkan countries and Turkey (excluding airfare/travel expenses and the 2017 HMO membership fee).

To apply for this workshop please:

  • 1) fill in and submit the HMO Executive Leadership Program in Heritage Management Application Form
  • 2) after receiving confirmation of receipt of your application, complete the application process by submitting your curriculum vitae, personal statement and reference letter (which may come in separately by your referee at their earliest convenience). All your application documents may be submitted by email to Applications should not exceed 750 words in total and your curriculum vitae should be up to 1000 words maximum.
  • 3) a reasonable proficiency in spoken and written English is required to attend the course. In order to assess it, applicants will be asked to participate in a personal (spoken) interview.

After acceptance of their application file, participants will receive an official letter outlining in detail the conditions of participation. HMO membership is required for participation in all HMO Executive Leadership in Heritage Management Workshops. Participants will be asked to arrange payment of the HMO Membership Fee for 2017 and book their accommodation in Athens by filling in and submitting the HMO Branding Workshop 2017 Booking Form Recipients of scholarships for participation in this workshop are required to pay the general HMO membership fee (100 Euros).

Spaces for this workshop are limited, so please apply early

The first application deadline is Friday September 8, 2017

For questions regarding the application process and the administrative aspects of the course,
you may contact Dr. Eleni Drakaki at