IHC Workshop in Heritage Interpretations

Heritage Interpretation is a structured approach to non-formal learning, specialized in communicating significant ideas about a place and establishing a strong link between visitors and their experience of a heritage site (natural reserve, historic site, museum).

During a 6 day workshop that will combine interactive exercises, presentations, and class discussions, participants will familiarize themselves with the principles of Heritage Interpretation as well as develop and apply the skills necessary to perform personal interpretation of natural and cultural heritage on their own. Participants will also have the opportunity to obtain a certificate as an Interpretive Guide from Interpret Europe, the European Association for Heritage Interpretation.

The workshop’s instructor, Valya Stergioti, is a Training Coordinator for Interpret Europe and has more than 20 years of experience as a Heritage Interpretation professional in organizing and implementing interpretive courses and workshops about heritage for heritage professionals as well as a wide range of audiences.

– Pilot workshop fee for participation: 200 Euros

Spaces for this workshop are limited, so please apply early

The application deadline is Friday January 27, 2017

For further details, you may contact us at inherity.info@gmail.com

To apply for this workshop, please fill in and submit the online application form which you may find at http://bit.ly/ihcworkshops . After receiving confirmation of receipt of your application, continue your application process by submitting your curriculum vitae, personal statement and reference letter (which may come in separately by your referee at their earliest convenience). All your application documents may be submitted by email at inherity.info@gmail.com. Applications should not exceed 750 words in total and your curriculum vitae should be up to 1000 words maximum.