International Symposium on Art Nouveau Interiors, Brussels

The Réseau Art Nouveau Network, a European network for the study, protection and enhancement of the Art Nouveau heritage, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year., founding member of RANN, is hosting an international symposium in Brussels, co-organised by RANN and in partnership with the Horta Museum and CIVA.

The research and progress of our knowledge of Art Nouveau has always been one of RANN’s primary interest objectives. While Art Nouveau is visible to everyone in the public space and while many European cities are adorned with Art Nouveau facades, the interiors arouse both from the academic world and from the general public many questions related to their access, their knowledge, and the refined restorations that they require.

This topic of interiors has not yet been scientifically studied transversally in Europe; the aim of this symposium is to confront research practices, knowledge, the conservation and enhancement of Art Nouveau interiors, in order to develop new research perspectives.

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