Narrating and sharing your impact story: Impact Playbook – Phase 3

There is a lot more to narrating and sharing the story about your impact than just writing a report. In this webinar, the components that will be part of the Phase 3 of the Europeana Impact Playbook will be studied. With a panel of guest speakers, some big questions will big considered, like:

  • How to interpret your data in a rigorous and transparent way?
  • What should you do with the ‘negatives’ or not quite good enough?
  • How can you build an engaging narrative and tell the story of your impact?
  • Are there any new trends or top tips in effective data presentation and visualisation?
  • Who should sign off an impact assessment report? How can those who you have surveyed be involved in the validation process?
  • How can you get your reports to the people who need to see them, and in what format? What should be included in a full report or a summary report?
  • How does an impact assessment report support advocacy?

The webinar will join:

    • Lorena Aldana-Ortega, European Policy Coordinator, Europa Nostra, who will discuss the landmark study ‘Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe’ (2015), which provides compelling evidence that cultural heritage – with its positive impacts on our economy, society, culture and the environment – is a precious but underused resource for Europe. The Study has served as an exceptional evidence-based advocacy tool to support and advance developments in heritage policy at EU level in the last years. How was this Study developed, validated and disseminated? How was a powerful narrative built around the gathered evidence? Which tangible results has this Study produced?
    • Beth Daley, Editorial Advisor, Europeana Foundation, who’ll share the steps behind shaping a strong narrative for your audience. Beth led the most popular session of the Europeana 2020 conference, Love stories – digital storytelling experiences we can’t stop thinking about.
    • Nicole McNeilly, Impact Advisor, Europeana Foundation, who’ll share some insights into the approach to narrating impact across different impact assessments in the Europeana initiative. With Phase 3 of the Playbook currently in development, she’ll talk about some of the ways that Europeana has been drafting the narrative behind a series of soon-to-be-published impact assessments.

The webinar will be documented live by Magda Rysuje (@magdarysuje), a visual scribe and graphic designer whose practice illustrates how we present content affects how people remember and understand complex ideas. In the last section of the webinar, Magda will share her thoughts on the principles behind good visual story-telling and presentation.

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