Online Scientific conference: Urban ecology and cultural heritage in the city

The conference “Urban Ecology and Cultural Heritage in the city” in the series of garden art and historical dendrology is organized by the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology for over 25 years. This event has a long and well established tradition of scientific debate and knowledge exchange in the field of historic parks and gardens among researchers in Poland and Central Europe and in recent years has evolved towards the contemporary role of diverse historic green areas and issues of urban ecology.

This year’s meeting will take place on 22-23 October online. The 21stcentury urges us to analyse urban problems and revise its components. Cities in the past followed various evolutionary paths depending on the level of development of the society, its ideology, or financial factors. The key was self-reliant and polycentric production, services, commerce, and finance.

IFLA EUROPE (International Federation of Landscape Architects), a Member of the European Heritage Alliance, is proud to provide patronage for this important event and is inviting all IFLA Europe members to participate.

Please find more information about the programme on the conference website.