Points of Contact-Fears of Contact!?

Monuments and Modern Art in dialogue

in the context of the EXPONATEC COLOGNE and the Cologne fine art

Wild performances in a timbered house, a lighting system as a special event, modern sculptures in a baroque garden? Art calls attention, but how far may it go? Linkages especially between art and historic monuments can create a tense – yet also provocative – relationship of co-operation – and conflict.

The preservation of historic monuments is not intended to serve as a “museumisation”, but shall serve to expand their utilisation. How can art contribute to further use historic monuments and raise public awareness for them? And where are the limits? This dialogue between such monuments and modern art is in the focus of a symposium, taking place in the course of the EXPONATEC in Cologne, November 19 2015 (starts at 10.30 a.m.). The Bund Heimat und Umwelt in Deutschland, the Deutsche Burgenvereinigung, the Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz, Europa Nostra Deutschland and the Rheinische Verein für Denkmalpflege und Landschaftsschutz invite to reflect on the topic’s facets and to point out to potentials and challenges. The symposium addresses all those who are interested, notably people who operate professionally or voluntarily in the fields of urban planning, art and its communication, and the preservation of historic buildings and cultural landscapes.


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