Portusplus Call for Papers on Port Cities and Urban Waterfronts

The Call for Papers 2014 is open to articles from the world of science, academics and culture, from experts and technicians, from contributors who operate within institutions and research centers and in general from anyone who in any position has knowledge and experience in the various disciplines that deal with the port-city relationship and urban waterfront redevelopment themes.

The papers submitted will be evaluated by a Review Committee (members of the RETE Scientific Committee and International Experts) and, if they are considered worthy, will be published in the PORTUSplus Journal.

All the papers selected by the Review Committee to be published in PORTUSplus Journal will be given an ISSN code (2039-6422), the International Standard Serial Number that identifies standard publications.

The papers may be submitted exclusively in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian.

The rules for participating in the “Call for Papers” require, under penalty of exclusion, the dispatch of 5 documents ( Abstract, Paper, Declaration of Responsability, Registration Form, Profile of the Author ).


The Documents may be downloaded on the website of PORTUS here