Post-congress Excursion to Heritage Sites and Cultural Landscapes in the Surroundings of Oslo

This excursion will take us to three much praised heritage sites in rural Norway and will also give you an opportunity to sample some of the attractive Norwegian countryside en route.

Our first stop will be at EIDSVOLL HOUSE, where recently an important restoration project took place, which is of special value due to the house’s unique position in the history of Norway. Eidsvoll House was the place where in 1814 for several weeks 112 men, selected from different parts and levels of society, negotiated the Norwegian Constitution and finally agreed it on 17th May 1814. We shall have a guided tour of the house – the very first national monument of the country (1837) – and also enjoy the handsome park that surrounds the buildings.

Continuing through some scenic Norwegian landscape, we shall proceed to ULLERSHOV FARM. This impressive farm has been in uninterrupted use since 600 AD. The owners will give us a full introduction to the place and its history, which has been an administrative and religious center, council meeting place and a site of worship and sacrifices to the Norse god Ullr. The farm today boasts 15 buildings, mostly dating from the period 1725 to early last century. We shall have lunch at the farm.

Thereafter, we shall proceed to the unique TIMBER FLOATING MUSEUM at Fetsund. The Fetsund Lenser’s lumber museum shows an original timber floating plant on the river Glomma. It is a national industrial heritage site, where we shall get a guided tour along some of the most important installations of this fascinating museum located in a beautiful environment.

After a short bus ride we shall return to Oslo at around 4 – 4.30 PM.