Webinar – Project clinic: Greening cities and regions through cultural heritage and community involvement

The webinar Project clinic: Greening cities and regions through cultural heritage and community involvement will take place on 4 November 2022 from 10:00 to11:30 CET. It is organised in the frame of the EU peer-learning programme Cultural Heritage in Action, which is managed by a Consortium led by EUROCITIES with Europa Nostra, KEA, ERRIN and Architects’ Council of Europe, and funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Objectives of the webinar

  1. To further reflect on how to capitalise on cultural and natural heritage to advance the greening of cities and regions and to raise citizens and communities’ awareness about nature, biodiversity and climate change.
  2. To explore concrete projects carried out by other European cities which, as Krakow, are aiming to green the city, reuse (heritage) spaces and promote positive climate action and environmental education.
  3. To address specific challenges encountered in the implementation of such projects and collectively find solutions.
  4. To extract transferable lessons that can be used in other European contexts.

Why should you join?

During this session, you will get some insights into the content of the peer learning visit in Krakow and the analysis of models for sustainable city makeover through natural and cultural heritage. Two cities will present a “comparable” case to Krakow pocket parks, focusing on the background, the status of work to date, and ambition, and highlighting one or two key issues where they would welcome the input of other participants. The essence of the advice can be captured as “top tips”. Presenting cities will reflect on what they’ve heard and provide additional information. The session will also be an opportunity to discuss your own challenges and present your examples.

The session will provide an occasion to engage in discussion with peers from other European local authorities. We will also provide access to the materials shared during the peer learning visit with all participants in the online deep-diving session.

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