Understanding Heritage Values

During the Heritage Values Network project there will be 3 workshops given in Eindhoven, Oslo and Barcelona to bring together academics, heritage practitioners and policy-makers. The workshops will discuss the following topics:

  • Workshop I “Understanding Heritage Values”
  • Workshop II “Assessing, Measuring and Prioritizing Heritage Values”
  • Workshop III “Heritage Values and the Public”

During these workshops participants from South-Eastern, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Central and Eastern Europe are invited to share their expertise and knowledge on heritage values and how these are approached and assessed in their country. These workshops will also bring together collaborators who will develop European research proposals under the Horizon 2020 framework after the completion of the Heritage Values Network.

The first workshop will be held on the 10th and 11th of July 2014 in the Dutch city of Eindhoven covering the issue “Understanding Heritage Values”. Values mean different things to different sectors, therefore the aim of the proposed research network is to explore and discuss how heritage values are understood in policy making, heritage practice and theory across Europe. A transnational approach to the understanding of heritage values will highlight the role of different cultural contexts in shaping diverse conceptualizations and uses of heritage values. Existing research focusses largely on the Anglophonic countries (UK, USA, Australia).

During workshop I the following questions will be investigated:

  • How was the concept of heritage values evolved since the 1970s?
  • How are heritage values understood by a diverse range of disciplines, heritages professionals and policy makers in Europe?
  • Why do definitions of heritage values vary between sectors, professions and countries?
  • What are the consequences of different conceptualizations of heritage values, if any, in the management of heritage?