Italy: Museo Diocesano Tridentino celebrates Grand Prix for exhibition “The Invention of a Guilty Party”

On 8 October, the Museo Diocesano Tridentino celebrated the Grand Prix which was given in 2021 to their exhibition “The Invention of a Guilty Party”, in the category Education, Training and Awareness-raising. The bronze award plaque was placed in the museum’s permanent display that describes the story of Simone da Trento, the subject of the awarded exhibition project. The event was recorded and livestreamed.

Maria Cristina Vannini, Chair of the European Heritage Awards Jury in the category Education, Training and Awareness-raising, praised the invaluable work that was carried out by the museum’s staff to develop the project, which presents events that happened centuries ago while demonstrating its crucial civil value to contemporary society. The exhibition invites visitors to critically analyse news reports and public information and reminds the public to always seek the truth.

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