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Europa Nostra is joining forces with Global Heritage Fund to support the defenders of cultural heritage in Ukraine as well as those working in the cultural heritage world who have been rendered refugees in their escape from Russia’s brutal aggression.

Together with other international and European partners, we are actively working to ensure that Ukraine’s history will not be erased or rewritten. This includes providing emergency support for people working for museums, sites and cultural institutions.

Your generous donation will help Ukraine’s people stand firm in defense of the endangered heritage in their independent and sovereign country.

With your generous support, we have collected so far 15,130 in EUR, 21,634 in USD and 1,290 in GBP. Help us double the amount already raised.

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Russia’s unlawful invasion has brought unimaginable suffering to Ukraine’s citizens. As we witness, not only are lives at risk, but the history and heritage of Ukraine face unprecedented attack and destruction.

Working for in museums and at heritage sites, for public bodies or NGOs, these frontline defenders caretakers of Ukraine’s culture and history are staring down guns and seeking shelter from bombs. One moment they were living lives just like ours; the next, these dedicated people were forced to choose among saving family, taking up arms and preserving the heritage of their people.

Your donation will directly support these brave guardians of our shared history and humanity. Proceeds will go to those in need through Europa Nostra and its large pan-European network of members and partners.

Saturday, March 12 - Ukraine Under Attack

Europa Nostra will distribute all funds raised to organisations and individuals in Ukraine – directly or through our members and partners in Poland, Romania or elsewhere in Europe – who are assisting heritage custodians who are trying to save Ukraine’s cultural treasures. We will also aim to provide support to displaced heritage professionals who are trying to escape violence and death, within or outside Ukraine.

Ukraine’s history, heritage and collective memory face unlawful attack and irreparable damage or destruction.

Now you can help them in just a few clicks. With your generous donation, you stand in solidarity with them, not only against Russia’s aggression but also for this rich, millenia-old multi-cultural legacy that’s 44 million people strong.

We know too well that cultural heritage once destroyed is lost forever. Your donation will help prevent such a loss. We are grateful for your solidarity & generosity!

Ukraine’s Cultural Heritage – Rich & Diverse

See a list of Ukraine’s World Heritage Sites and a selection of notable museums and cultural institutions
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“Today, the rich and diverse heritage in Ukraine is THE most endangered heritage in the whole of Europe. We therefore need to stand in solidarity with heritage defenders in Ukraine. We call upon every organisation and individual from across the globe, who care for culture, heritage and history, to contribute to our crowd-funding initiative, jointly launched by Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund. Together we can make a difference.”

Sneška Quaedvlieg-Mihailović, Secretary General of Europa Nostra

“We are all too familiar with ‘cultural destruction’ – the intentional annihilation of irreplaceable artwork, artifacts, historical sites and their stewards. This is often a desperate attempt to erase collective history and identity. The people of Ukraine are currently risking their lives to protect their cultural identity and safeguard the record of who they are. We need to help them.”

Nada Hosking, Global Heritage Fund Executive Director

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening in Ukraine?
The conflict began as a political rift between Russia and Ukraine, two neighboring independent countries that share a long, entwined history. This recently spiraled into brutal confrontation, with Russia invading Ukraine on February 24th, 2022.

Russia’s aggression – combining conventional, irregular, and cyber warfare tactics – is in clear violation of international law and has been condemned globally, including by the UN General Assembly Resolution adopted on March 2, 2022 by a very large majority of UN Member States.


How are Europa Nostra and Global Heritage Fund working together?
Alongside other international and European partners, we are joining our voices and forces to respond to the human and cultural tragedy in Ukraine by raising funds to support those heritage custodians who are struggling to safeguard Ukraine’s cultural heritage, which is currently under attack, and/or those who are rendered refugees within or outside Ukraine. For example, we shall purchase and ship to Ukraine emergency material like wooden boxes to protect, move and/or store museum collections or archives, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets. We shall also help heritage caretakers who have lost or fled their homes.

All funds will be received by Europa Nostra, after which funds will be distributed to those in need, directly or through our members in Poland, Romania or other European countries which are mobilised to help Ukraine’s heritage custodians and their heritage severely affected by Russia’s aggression. We are jointly and actively working to help ensure that Ukraine’s history will not be erased or rewritten.

What is Global Heritage Fund?
Global Heritage Fund was founded in 2002 on the premise that cultural heritage protection can catalyse responsible social and economic development. Through creative collaborations and grassroots partnerships, Global Heritage Fund has worked in 20 countries and initiated and supported over 30 projects that adapt cultural heritage to address contemporary needs. The organisation achieves its goals by developing programs that aim to connect communities to expertise and funding, build resiliency amongst the stakeholders, create opportunity for local population, foster innovation and creativity, and support sustainable travel. These efforts enhance the quality of life in local communities while preserving invaluable links to our shared human history.

Learn more about the Global Heritage Fund at

What is Europa Nostra?
Europa Nostra was founded on 29 November 1963 in Paris. For almost 60 years, we have celebrated, protected and lobbied for cultural heritage. Europa Nostra is today recognised as the most representative heritage organisation in Europe with members from over 40 countries. Europa Nostra is a pan-European Federation for cultural heritage, representing citizens’ organisations that work on safeguarding Europe’s cultural and natural heritage. For almost 60 years, Europa Nostra has celebrated, protected and lobbied for cultural heritage.

Learn more about Europa Nostra at

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