The Work Package 4 of our network project European Cultural Heritage Agora (2022-2024), entitled Representing the Sectors and Advocating on their behalf on Key Sectoral Issues, intends to strengthen the capacity and outreach of Europa Nostra and its network to act as key influencers of the agenda-setting, formulation and implementation of EU policies related to cultural heritage. It will seek to further deepen and enlarge the existing structured dialogue between European heritage stakeholders, public and private, professionals and volunteers with decision-makers at all levels.


European European Heritage Alliance


This informal platform – composed of some 50 European or international networks active in the wider heritage sector – has been coordinated by Europa Nostra ever since its establishment in 2011. With the ambition of bringing this platform to a higher level, the European Heritage Alliance will carry joint policy actions and campaigns and ensure their wide visibility and dissemination. Members of the Alliance will also be involved in all activities of the proposed network project to enhance their networking, capacity building and cooperation opportunities.

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2022 Autumn Meeting: News
2023 Spring Meeting: News
2023 Autumn Meeting: News


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Thematic working groups


In order to best reflect the holistic and multifaceted character of cultural heritage, specific working groups shall provide guidance and expertise to Europa Nostra on the links between cultural heritage and key policy priorities, such as climate action, sustainability and inclusiveness. These working groups shall be composed by high-level civil society and institutional experts, ensuring gender, intergenerational and geographical balance and representativeness.

New European Bauhaus Taskforce
As an official partner of the European Commission’s New European Bauhaus initiative, which aims at imagining our collective future around the core values of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusiveness, Europa Nostra has committed to, among others, generating and mobilising knowledge and action together with our large network of professionals, students and volunteers from the wider heritage ecosystem. In this view, Europa Nostra set up its New European Bauhaus Taskforce, whose highly qualified and deeply motivated members from various fields provide expertise and guidance to help shape Europa Nostra’s contribution to the NEB movement.

Policy documents
Prague Manifesto (2022)
Venice Manifesto (2023)
Moldova Appeal (2023)


The expected outcome of this Work Package is the creation of a favourable policy frame and climate for the deployment of a holistic approach to cultural heritage in Europe, ensuring appropriate policies and funding for its safeguard for present and future generations.


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