Europa Nostra and EIB Institute make urgent appeal for preservation of Garden City La Butte Rouge near Paris

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On 9 March, experts from Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute released a technical report and made an urgent appeal for the preservation of the Garden City La Butte Rouge in Châtenay-Malabry, near Paris, which was listed among the 7 Most Endangered heritage sites in Europe for 2022. The report emphasises that La Butte Rouge is an excellent example of modern architecture and landscape design, representing the idea of society taking care of its most vulnerable by providing a “good” living environment. The experts provide a list of recommendations that the French and European community should follow to preserve the site, including investing in the preservation of the site and promoting sustainable development practices.

The experts’ mission on-site was undertaken in September 2022. Photo: Courtesy of Europa Nostra


The technical report was formulated on the basis of the outcomes of the mission on-site undertaken in September 2022. The objective of the mission was to determine the site’s significance and assess the degree of danger it faced, as well as identify potential solutions to any issues. The expert mission was led by John Sell, a leading conservation architect from the United Kigdom, Lourdes Llorens Abando, a consultant for the EIB Institute and an expert in urban and regional development, and David Castrillo, an architect specialised in cultural heritage and a consultant for the EIB Institute. Patricia Landry-Scellier, the nominator of the site to the 7 Most Endangered Programme, joined the delegation in France.

Garden City La Butte Rouge, near Paris, France

The technical report highlights the history and significance of La Butte Rouge, discussing the site’s design philosophy, construction purpose, and overall significance. The experts analysed the site’s ownership and the socio-economic status of its inhabitants, as well as the environmental impact of the combination of buildings and gardens. The report emphasises the importance of preserving such a highly valued heritage site and the social impact of the region.

Europa Nostra and the EIB Institute recognise the remarkable heritage value of La Butte Rouge and encourage its preservation as a rare example of modern movement architecture within a garden city landscape. The Garden City La Butte Rouge is an historic example of sustainable development still relevant today and demonstrates the positive social impact of providing a delightful place to live for those on low incomes. The combination of heritage, sustainability and social impact are a valuable lesson for Europe today.


Read the news item and the report in French

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