Europa Nostra reaches out the European regions

In February, Europa Nostra was invited by various EU Offices of European Regions in Brussels to present its work and action and discuss the cultural heritage strategy at EU level.

– Piet Jaspaert, Europa Nostra Board member, presented the work of Europa Nostra at the Oslo Region European Office in Brussels to a group of Norwegian local government employees working with culture, tourism, environment and public health in the Akershus County Council involved in a Wetland Centre project called “Nordre Øyeren”, the biggest wetland area in North Europe, historically known for its timber rafting activity.

– Europa Nostra was also presented at the Pomorskie Regional EU Office in Brussels to a group of representatives from Pomorskie in Poland, focusing on the EU perspectives for supporting and promoting cultural projects for the years 2014-2020.

– The Saxony Liaison Office Brussels invited Europa Nostra to join a round table discussion about the current strategy related to cultural heritage at EU level. This discussion took place at the Committee of the Regions in the presence of Gerhard Stahl, Secretary General of this Committee, the German State Minister for Science and the Arts of Saxony, Professor von Schorlemer and representatives of the Fraunhofer Institute, ICOMOS and the EC’s DG Research and Innovation.

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