Creative Europe Networks: Focus Meeting #2


“Heritage for the Future: European values, citizenship and sense of belonging through cultural heritage

Venue: Giardini Reali di Venezia, San Marco, 30124 Venice

Focus Meeting Programme Booklet (PDF)


This Focus Meeting is primarily open to all interested Creative Europe networks but can also involve interested Creative Europe-funded platforms or projects, as well as other heritage stakeholders. The meeting shall consider a) the role of heritage in strengthening European values and citizenship, advancing the European idea and ideals and furthering a sense of belonging to a wider European community; and b) the role of education in strengthening civic engagement for a healthy democracy to overcome the challenges of the Europe of today.

This meeting is organised with the European Commission and its European Education and Culture Executive Agency at the Royal Gardens of Venice, thanks to the kind support and hospitality of the Venice Gardens Foundation. The Foundation was entrusted with the restoration of the Napoleonic-era Royal Gardens of Venice, which is among the winners of the European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards 2023.


For the full programme of the European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023 in Venice marking the 60th Anniversary of Europa Nostra, please visit


European Cultural Heritage Summit

Venice, 27-30 September 2023