European Heritage Policy Agora


Venue: Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista, Campiello de la Scuola, 2454, 30125 Venezia

Agora Programme Booklet (PDF)


The Agora event will focus on the role culture and heritage can play in fostering the sense of belonging and the sense of togetherness to a wider European community. The Agora shall take the form of an inspiring conversation with Europe’s engaged intellectuals, artists and leaders of civil society organisations or local authorities, discussing the shared cultural bonds that shape the multiple identities of each of us and also form the true foundation of the entire European project.

The Agora shall conclude with the launching of a Venice Manifesto on European Cultural Citizenship, a document outlining the shared heritage and ideals that bring together the citizens of the wider Europe. The adoption of this Manifesto will have a special significance and relevance in the light of this and next year’s national and European elections. 

The Agora will be held at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista with the stunning scalone by Renaissance architect Mauro Codussi.


For the full programme of the European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023 in Venice marking the 60th Anniversary of Europa Nostra, please visit


European Cultural Heritage Summit

Venice, 27-30 September 2023