Italy: Roffredo Caetani Foundation becomes member of Europa Nostra

The Roffredo Caetani Foundation has joined Europa Nostra’s network of Member Organisations in July 2014. Established in 1972, the Foundation aims to develop the defining characteristics and cultural identity of the Pontine region, located in south-central Italy, and to perpetuate the memory of the Caetani family. Managing and promoting the historic Garden of Ninfa, which is among the most beautiful gardens in the world, is one of the main activities of the Foundation. Every year, some 50,000 people, including hundreds of teachers and students, visit this natural and cultural masterpiece.

Managing and promoting the historic Garden of Ninfa is one of the main activities of the Foundation. Photo: Courtesy of Roffredo Caetani Foundation

Managing and promoting the historic Garden of Ninfa is one of the main activities of the Foundation. Photo: Courtesy of Roffredo Caetani Foundation

The Roffredo Caetani Foundation was set up in Rome on 14 July 1972 by Princess Lelia Caetani. Hubert Howard, Lelia Caetani’s husband and President of the Foundation from 1978 to 1987, was one of the founders of Europa Nostra.

One of the core activities of the Foundation is the management and promotion of the Garden of Ninfa, which comprises the 7-hectare English-style romantic garden dating from the early 20th-century, the medieval ruined town and its outer walls, the 17th century Hortus Conclusus, the river, the lake and their rare ecosystems, and the landscape itself, which is culturally, pictorially and environmentally exceptional.

The Foundation also organises seasonal guided tours to the Pantanello conservation park (covering about 100 hectares, its creation in the 1990s brought back to life a significant part of the rich history, landscape and ecosystem that characterised the Pontine Plain before the late 20th-century industrial and urban development following the draining of the marshes during the 1930s) and to Caetani Castle of Sermoneta (dating from the 13th-century, it provides rare insights into the history and culture of the Pontine and Lepini region). The Foundation is also involved in many other educational activities and cultural events.

“We have been working with dedication and passion to preserve and enhance an environmentally and culturally exceptional area for the benefit of present and future generations. Every year, thousands of Europeans visit the Garden of Ninfa, the Caetani Castle and Pantanello park, and participate in our cultural and educational activities,” affirmed Pier Giacomo Sottoriva, President of the Roffredo Caetani Foundation.

“Our Foundation is Europeanist. Our founders helped to establish not only Italia Nostra but also Europa Nostra. We are very proud to be part of the most representative heritage organisation in Europe,” he added.

In Italy, Europa Nostra has 18 member and associate organisations, with Italia Nostra being a founding member organisation. We seek to strongly engage and further enlarge our network of members, associates, benefactors, partners and supports in Italy and all over Europe. Together we can save and promote our shared cultural heritage. JOIN US

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