Czech Republic

Country Representation

Czech Association of Castle and Manor House Owners

Contact: Petr Svoboda
Dlouha 36
CZ- 110 00 Praha 1

Member Organisations

  1. Asociace Majitelu Hradu a Zamku – Czech Association of Castle and Manor House Owners
  2. Cesko-lichtenstejnská spolecnost (Czech-Liechtenstein Society)
  3. European Association of Archaeologists
  4. Institut pro pamatky a kulturu – The Institute for Monuments and Culture 
  5. Klub Za Starou Prahu – Association for Old Prague
  6. Nadace Obcanského Fóra – The Civic Forum Foundation
  7. Sdruzení Historických Sídel Cech, Moravy a Slezska – The Association of Czech, Moravian and Silesian Historical Towns and Cities
  8. The Friends of Czech Heritage (based in the UK)

Associate Organisations

  1. Charles University
  2. Narodni pamatkovy ustav – National Heritage Institute 

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