Advisory groups on specific subjects such as governance and auditing, deemed necessary by the Council.

The Advisory Election Committee

  • Sara Crofts, Chair (UK) Chair / Président
  • Claus-Peter Echter (DE)
  • Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou (GR)

The Internal Advisory Committee

  • Piet Jaspaert (BE) Chair / Président
  • Natalia Moussienko (UA)
  • Emílio Rui Villar (PT)

The Audit Committee

  • Sander Winckel, Chairman (NL)
  • Petr Svoboda (CZ)
  • Enzo Unfer (LU)

The Industrial and Engineering Heritage (IEHC) Committee

  • Pierre Laconte (BE) Chair / Président
  • David Morgan, MBE, TD (UK) Vice-chair / Vice-président
  • Hildebrand de Boer (NL) (International Secretary)
  • Peter Ovenstone (UK) (Committee Secretary)
  • Paul Smith (FR) (Scientific Director)
  • Francesco Calzolaio (IT)
  • Eusebi Casanelles (ES)
  • Prof. Piotr Gerber (PL)
  • Prof. Christian Hanus (AT)
  • Hesperia Iliadou-Suppiej (IT)
  • Rienko Wilton (NL) (Founding Secretary)
  • Dietrich Soyez (GE) (Corresponding Member)