International Networks

Member Organisations

  1. Association of Castles and Museums around the Baltic Sea (based in Finland)
  2. Association of European Royal Residencies (based in France)
  3. C.E.M. Centre Européen de Musique (based in France)
  4. European Confederation of Conservators-Restorers Organisations E.C.C.O. (based in Belgium)
  5. ECOVAST – European Council for the Village and Small Town (based in the United Kingdom)
  6. Europäisches Burgeninstitut – The European Castles Association (based in Germany)
  7. European Association of Archaeologists (based in Czech Republic)
  8. European Cultural Foundation (based in the Netherlands)
  9. European Federation of Associations of Technical & Industrial Heritage E-FAITH (based in Belgium)
  10. European Federation of Game Archives, Museums and Preservation Projects (EFGAMP) (based in Germany)
  11. European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) (based in Portugal)
  12. European Heritage Association (based in Croatia)
  13. European Heritage Volunteers (based in Germany)
  14. European Historic Houses Associations (based in Belgium)
  15. European Institute for Cultural Tourism EUREKA (based in Bulgaria)
  16. European Landowners’ Organisation (based in Belgium)
  17. European Maritime Heritage (based in the Netherlands)
  18. European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education (ENCoRE) (based in Denmark)
  19. European Network of World Heritage Associations (based in Germany)
  20. European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) (based in Germany)
  21. European State Studs Association e.V. (based in Germany)
  22. European Students’ Association for Cultural Heritage (ESACH)
  23. FEDECRAIL – The European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways (based in the Netherlands)
  24. Federation for European Storytelling (based in Belgium)
  25. Fédération Internationale des Jardins Familiaux (based in Luxembourg)
  26. International Music and Art Foundation (based in Liechtenstein)
  27. Internationales Städteforum Graz (ISG) – The International City Forum Graz (based in Austria)
  28. PERSPECTIV – Association of Historic Theatres in Europe (based in Germany)
  29. Raymond Lemaire International Centre for Conservation (based in Belgium)
  30. Union internationale des organisations Terre et Culture (based in France)

Associate Organisations

  1. FIVA (Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) (based in Italy)
  2. International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) (based in the United Kingdom)
  3. International Platform for Art Research and Conservation – IPARC (based in Belgium)

Non-European Associate Organisations

  1. L’Association pour la Protection des Sites et Anciennes Demeures au Liban – The Association for Protecting Natural Sites and Old Buildings in Lebanon (based in Lebanon)
  2. The Getty Conservation Institute (based in the USA)
  3. The Getty Research Institute (based in the USA)
  4. Tiro Association For Arts (based in Lebanon)

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