Country Representation

Europa Nostra Norway

Mr Erik Schultz, President
Trosterudveien 23b,
0778 Oslo
T. +47 907 52 844

Member Organisations

  1. Confraternity of St. James
  2. Forbundet KYSTEN – Norwegian Coastal Federation 
  3. Foreningen Fredet
  4. Fortidsminneforeningen – The Society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments
  5. Kjell Holm Foundation
  6. Norsk Industriarv – The Association of Industrial Heritage Norway
  7. Norsk Kulturarv (Stiftelsen) – Norwegian Heritage
  8. Norske Landskapsarkitekters Forening – Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects
  9. The Oseberg Viking Heritage Foundation
  10. The Oslo Heritage Society (Oslo Byes Vel)

Associate Organisations

  1. Norsk Kulturminnefond – Norwegian Cultural Heritage Fund, Norway
  2. Statsbygg – The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property Management
  3. University of Oslo

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